We believe that business and the arts share a common ground easily quantifiable in mutual benefits.
Arts sponsorship compensates the classical marketing tools and offers opportunities for exploring and positioning on new markets niches. Partnership for the Arts created the communication and management platform on which arts and business can work together for common goals.


Partnership for the Arts offers the business interface through which the arts and the business environment in Romania can identify common interests and can reach target audiences. We imagine strategic solutions for brands to interfere with the cultural dynamics and audiences, answering to the companies’ sponsorship objectives and needs of visibility, prestige and innovation.


In the continuous collaboration between arts and business, Partnership for the Arts combines in a transparent way the respect for the creative process with the result-orientated approach of the private companies. Openness to innovative solutions on an emerging market and the encouragement of long-term partnerships are part of the pioneering role and mission the Partnership for the arts assumes.
  • Rokolectiv 2016
    Music Visual Arts
  • Edge- School for Applied Arts
    Design Motion Photography Technology

Why choose us?

  • we are experienced professionals in arts sponsorship and management, working with important events and cultural organizations in Romania
  • we know very well the cultural and artistic offer in the country and we can provide consultancy services in sponsorship.
  • we can deliver commissioned arts and cultural projects for the companies
  • we have the capacity ad the experience to propose creative solutions for business sector integration into the cultural landscape
  • we can develop interdisciplinary strategies in the artistic and cultural events in order to increase the brand image as a cultural sponsor

Integrated sponsorship services in culture and arts

Partnership for the Arts offers integrated cultural and artistic sponsorship services. In the relationship it establishes between business and the arts, the company aims to accomplish sponsoring objectives and it respects the particularities of its cultural clients.
The Partnership for the Arts role is to facilitate and to accompany the sponsorship process from the very first stage of the identification of the most relevant events for the business environment in Romania to formulating creative solutions for company s employees and partners in these events.
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