What we do for private companies

  • Consultancy services in the cultural and artistic sector in Romania: festivals, events, organizations, independent initiative
  • Manage the artistic portfolio
  • Setting up the best sponsorship solutions according to the company s strategy
  • Cultural sponsorship management within the sponsored events
  • Monitor and evaluate the cultural sponsorship impact
  • Internal and external communication solution for company’s employees, partners or clients through cultural events
  • Hospitality management: access to cultural events for company’s employees, partners or clients
  • Customer retention solutions through cultural products and events

What we do for culture

  • Establish and structure the sponsorship budget
  • Identification of the communication and activation opportunities for sponsors
  • Consultancy services in the sponsorship communication: identification of the best solutions according to companies profile and business sector
  • Setting up the sponsorship offers: identify the potential sponsors, create the selling presentation, and formulate the pitch
  • Contact the companies and negotiate the contracts
  • Sponsorship management
  • Hospitality management
  • Relationship management and follow up

Arts sponsorship benefits

  • Consolidate the reputation
  • Creative partnerships make a difference on the market
  • Image association with positive values
  • Performance and excellency transfer
  • Brand communication opportunities
  • Consistency in the external and internal communication
  • Various opportunities in using the cultural partnership
  • Strengthen the company image among clients, employees, partners and stakeholders
  • Opportunity for hospitality events
  • Active role in the cultural transformation process of the city and the country
  • Sustainable investment
  • Creative CSR solutions through cultural and arts projects with an important educational and social dimension

Interesul crescut pentru sponsorizarea culturala are un potential ridicat atat pentru business, cat si pentru arte. Aceste activitati pot schimba brandingul sponsorizarii artelor de la un simbol al luxului si prestigiului la un instrument legitim de promovare cu obiective de business solide si cuantificabile pentru compania potrivita.

– Carl M. Sylvestre, Luiz Moutinho